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"As a teacher, I know how interactive technology can really help reach my students. I also know that learning new technology takes time from an already busy schedule. Mimio's training resources and programs are flexible, so you can learn when you have time, on your own or with a group. In many cases, you can get up to speed quickly with the convenient online tools."

Sarah Coughlin

Hingham High School

Hingham, MA, USA

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MimioTraining On-Demand


Our guides and reference cards provide excellent information to help teachers start using their MimioClassroom™ products immediately. These resources are readily available to view, download, and print as needed.

Video Tutorials

Each short video provides detailed information on a specific topic. From object cloning to adding content to your lessons, these tutorials will get a teacher up and running easily and quickly. If you have five minutes and need a refresher or want to learn something new, take a look!

Quick Learn Recordings

Available 24/7/365. All of the same great information - when it suits your schedule. Complete a short assessment at the end of each session to receive your Certificate of Completion